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               How are you going to spend your 
               Summer this year?  Come join us!

               We are goin' to have FUN all

               summer long!  

               Read about our
                              Summer Course 2014!




Other Course

Integrated English (P1-P6) – Only Sai Ying Pun

Adopting grammar based pedagogical approaches commonly used in the mainstream classroom, this course is specially designed for primary school students to improve their grammar and comprehension skills, as well as their listening, topical vocabulary and exam skills.

Cambridge ESOL Exams Intensive Course (Age 5-13) (YLE, KET)

  • Starters (Age 5-6) / Movers (Age 6-8) / Flyers (Age 8-10) / KET* (Age 10-13)
  • Measures student's skills of listening, speaking, reading & writing
  • Interactive curriculum; experienced & qualified native English teachers
  • Builds student's confidence in using English as well as to provide intensive exam practice for students

IPA Certificate (Age 6+) – Only Causeway Bay

  • Familiarizes learners with all the 44 phonetic symbols
  • Fosters standard pronunciation and proper intonation
  • Helps remove regional accents

Extra course

  • Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival training, Interview skills training, Parents workshop/seminar, Private tutorials, Phonics for Mom & Dad, seasonal workshops during summer, Easter & Christmas, etc.

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Causeway Bay                                                                                 Sai Ying Pun