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Learn to Write

Learn To Write

Consists of five levels with progressive modules in each, guiding students from writing basic sentences to producing texts in different genres:

Jolly Writing (6-7)

Through simple writing tasks in thematic units, develops basic skills in:

  • writing complete sentences
  • developing ideas in paragraphs

Guided Writing (7-8)

Through fun & guided writing activities, helps in developing:

  • skills in picture composition
  • fluency in idea generation
  • confidence in writing

Creative Writing (8-11)

Develops fluency and creativity in writing through:

  • introduction of various creative genres
  • guided writing on interesting topics
  • training in revision and editing

General Writing (10-12)

Prepare students for writing for general purposes by:

  • familiarizing them with the most common types of writing
  • introduction of more advanced writing techniques

Write to Learn (12-15)

Develops more sophisticated writing skills through:

  • expanding topic-based vocabulary
  • introduction of common writing genres for work and study
  • encouraging expression of ideas on common topics

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