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Learn to Read

Learn To Read

Consists of six levels of reading course with the aim of cultivating interest and confidence in reading:


Phonics Reading Level 1 (Age 2.5-4)

  • Develops listening and speaking skills through theme-based activities including pretend play, musical movements, interactive games and story-telling
  • Fosters readiness for reading words through enhancing aural word recognition

Phonics Reading Level 2 (Age 4-5)

  • Develops basic literacy through practice in printing alphabetical items and word recognition
  • Introduces high-frequency words, basic letter-sound relationships and phonetic elements

Phonics Reading Level 3 (Age 5-6)

Develops basic reading skills through:

  • practice in word reproduction and reading aloud simple texts and dialogues
  • familiarization with more high-frequency words
  • exposure to more complex texts

Phonics Reading Level 4 (Age 6-7)

Develops reading and comprehension skills through:

  • shared reading of simple stories
  • reading aloud for fluency
  • simple comprehension check activities

Phonics Reading Level 5 (Age 7-8)

  • Prepares students for independent reading through:
  • guided reading of short chapter books
  • practice in more advanced reading comprehension skills

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