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               How are you going to spend your 
               Summer this year?  Come join us!

               We are goin' to have FUN all

               summer long!  

               Read about our
                              Summer Course 2014!




Mission & Vision

We Care . We Make a Difference

At I-Square, we aim to make a difference. Understanding that mastery of the English language opens the door to a world of possibilities, we endeavour to help children learn the language in an approach that is driven by our care for their needs, guided by our philosophy in education and geared towards our mission to make a difference to language education for children.

We believe that the most effective kind of learning is the kind that is self-initiated, and self-initiation is ignited by joy, fuelled by passion and propelled by self-confidence. With this conviction, we strive to provide our students with the most enjoyable and inspiring English learning experience possible. By creating a warm, inviting atmosphere, we make every visit to our center a jolly trip; by cultivating an informative and interactive learning environment, we foster children's natural curiosity and gratify their thirst for discovery. Our team of highly trained professionals is dedicated to motivating your children to learn, encouraging them to explore and instilling in their young minds all the essential qualities for self-initiation in learning: independence, intelligence, imagination, an inquiring mind, the yearning for improvement, and more.

At I-Square, we aim to make a difference to language education by providing a unique learning experience, one that sets off the life-long process of self-initiated learning.