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Conveniently situated near Times Square in the heart of Causeway Bay, I-Square is within five minutes' walk from the MTR station and well-linked to other parts of the city via the numerous trams, buses and mini-buses going along Hennessy Road. With such accessibility, our learning centre is an ideal rendezvous for children who enjoy reading and learning as well as for their parents who take their children's education seriously.


Our colourful centre is equipped with high-end teaching and learning facilities and furnished in a decor that is both cozy and lively. To add a natural touch to the centre, displays are altered with the seasons on themes that feature aspects of nature. We believe that a pleasant environment that blends nature and culture is the best place for fostering a genuine love of learning as well as for nature, and we do our best in cultivating just such an environment for children.

To ensure that learning at I-Square is not only fun but also effective, and that spending time here is not only enjoyable but also worthwhile, we take both aesthetic and functional considerations into account in the overall design and layout of our centre. Our facilities comprise four major components, each catering for our students' different needs.

The classrooms

Our 8 brightly decorated classrooms are each equipped with computers with Internet connection, CD and DVD players and movable furniture. Four of the classrooms have an 'Interactive SMART board' which facilitates access to a wide range of teaching and learning materials during the lesson, making possible the most animated kind of presentation and the highest level of interactivity between the students and the learning materials.

With a range of capacities, the classrooms are well suited to classes of different sizes and the requirements of different lessons. The eight classrooms on the second floor are linked to the various facilities on the first floor via an interior staircase, which lends not only style but also convenience and a sense of connection.

The Kids' Corner

At the Kids' Corner, children are provided with all they need for self-learning books and multi-media learning materials. These materials can be used as supplements to the regular lessons or simply for edutainment.

The Mini Library holds a wide range of children's books suitable for young readers of different ages and different levels of English proficiency. Next to the Mini Library is the Language Lab, which is fitted with computers with access to online language activities and specialized language-learning programs. At the corner of the Language Lab, English movies are played on the 36' LCD TV throughout the day. There is also a collection of audio-visual materials for members to borrow and use at our centre.

In addition to these regular features, we will organize fun learning activities for children. Storytelling sessions for young children will be held at regular intervals, and all members are welcome to participate free of charge. During major school holidays, we will also hold festive camps for children at our Function Hall.

The Parents' Corner

For experience sharing on parenting or just for solitary reading, the Parents' Corner is an ideal place for our parent members. While your child is having fun at our Kids' Corner, you can sit back and relax with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a good book selected from our collection at the Parents' Corner.

To keep you informed as a parent, talks and seminars will be organized year round where educators from diverse backgrounds will be invited to share with you their experiences, viewpoints and the latest information in the field. For details about our upcoming workshops, please visit our website at www.i-square.edu.hk.